Our Services

Our practice focuses on much more than sick visits and shots. We do this by offering in demand services that take our care well beyond what traditional doctors are able to offer. The traditional system is forcing physicians to see more patients in less time to respond to an increasingly difficult business environment. Unfortunately, the resulting time-crunch depersonalizes care, limits physician availability, and creates a stressful care experience for both doctor and patient.

We have a fresh approach. Our value-added services let us:

  • Keep our practice small and personal.
  • Spend more time on health and wellness.
  • Provide easy, direct care through the internet.
  • Make same-day physician callbacks.

We invite you to explore our value-added services, as well as how we approach more traditional care.

Value-Added Services

Our value added services help keep our practice small and personal. They are designed to put health and wellness first, and make communication direct and easy.... more

Traditional Services

Our traditional services are closely aligned with those that you’d expect from a pediatric practice, done our way, of course. In general, your insurance company will provide coverage or partial coverage for these services.... more