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Get Your Child's School/Sports Physical Early!

Get Your Child's School/Sports Physical Early!

Charleston Pediatrics
November 1, 2018

We offer a pre-participation physical examination (PPE), better known as a school or sports physical, for kids and young adults of all ages. This exam will help determine if the child is physically able to participate in the activity.

There are two main parts to a PPE: Medical history evaluation and a physical exam by the doctor.

Medical History Evaluation

The medical history evaluation will cover topics such as allergies, types of medications, serious family illnesses or past family history, previous injuries, past surgeries, the types of medications the child is on, and other previous health issues such as trouble breathing when exercising.

Please note: If you are bringing your child from another clinic or doctor's office, we will require you to bring forms such as medical history/immunizations and documentation of pre-exisitng conditions signed by your child's primary care doctor stating the condition does not prevent participation in any sports.

Physical Exam

During the physical  exam, the doctor will:

  • Check your child's heart, eyes, throat, ears, lungs.
  • Get your child's height and weight.
  • Check vitals such as blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Ensure proper movement and flexibility in your child.

What to Expect During Your Child's Visit

  • As mentioned above, our doctors will review your child's medical history and immunizations record.
  • We will perform a physical exam (as mentioned above) to ensure your child is physically able to perform the sport he/she is choosing to participate in.
  • A urinalysis may be conducted if required.
  • Your child's form may or may not be signed pending the outcome of the visit.

Please note: If you are planning for your child to participate in a school sport or activity such as basketball, baseball, soccer, football, band, etc, we encourage you to get your child's school or sports physical completed three weeks prior to the start of the child's activity.

Certain age-related behaviors among college students can serve as risk factors for meningococcal disease. If you have a child that is graduating high school and preparing for college, ask your pediatrician about the Meningitis B vaccination.

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