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The doctors at Charleston Pediatrics firmly believe that routine childhood immunization prevents illness and saves lives. We believe that routine childhood immunizations are safe and effective, immunizations are the single most important preventive healthcare measure available to children, and all children should be immunized according to the CDC’s recommendations, available on their web site. (,

As a result of routine immunization: 

We understand that some parents have questions and concerns about childhood vaccines. We also know that very few patients have medical contraindications to immunizations. We will do everything we can to complete the immunization schedule on time as this is in your child’s best interest. If you have any reservations about vaccines please be sure to address them with your physician.  If you and your physician agree to follow an unconventional vaccine schedule that may result in additional copayments as required by your insurance company. 

It is our goal to protect our patients from vaccine preventable illnesses in a timely manner as recommended by the ACIP, CDC and AAP.

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